Campus life

Facilities at the Institute

The National Institute of Development Administration has modern utilities and facilities for students such as the Living & Digital Library, meeting rooms, classrooms, computer services rooms, Wi-fi, sports and recreational center, NIDA Sampan (carpark) and many others.

Visiting NIDA

On an area of 44 rai, NIDA has improved its architectural dimensions including surroundings of buildings and utilization of empty spaces. Buildings have been constructed to be aesthetic to enable environments conducive to learning management. The working environment has also demonstrated adaptivity of the organization to becoming a world class university.

Activities and Student Club

This is a support unit to ensure master’s and doctoral degrees graduates are equipped with knowledge, morality, eagerness to learn, systematic thinking, discipline, good health, internationalization, public awareness, and empathy towards the society. All of which students must be aware of the value of resources and local wisdom by using student related activities as a creative medium to create experience and learning.

Facilities at Graduate School of Applied Statistics

The School has a computer center project, which is responsible for its information system.