Ph.D. Program in Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management (International Program)

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Doctor of Philosophy Program

In Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management (International Program)

The development of the logistics and supply chain is crucial to support national economic activities, business and trade, industries and create significant value in the economy. The government prioritizes logistics as the top rank priority in the Thailand’s 20-year National Strategy (2018 – 2037). The Third Thailand Logistics Development Plan (2017-2022) under the framework of the 20-year strategy framework aim to enable Thailand to upgrade the national logistics systems to become the center of trade, services, and investment in the region. The plan consists of 3 main strategies: (1) Supply Chain Enhancement, (2) Development of Infrastructure and Facilities, and (3) Development of Logistics Supporting Factors to increase the country’s competitiveness.
Besides, the efficient logistics and supply chain management by reduce logistics cost, increase customer satisfaction level would greatly supports the industries, business and trades both within domestics and international, thus will increase the competitive advantage overall. With its well-developed infrastructure and centrally located position in ASEAN, Thailand is rapidly emerging as the key logistics hub for multinational companies around the world. According to Thailand Investment Review (TRI, 2016), the country is favored as a regional hub by many industries, ranging from the automotive, logistics hub, electrical and electronics, tourism, medical, and food sectors, among many others. Thailand must be prepared to cope with such rapid changes and also accommodate the national policies and strategy, thus, need to develop of many of qualified human resources and researchers in this related fields to accommodate the situation.
The curriculum of Ph.D. in Logistics Management aims to produce capable personnel in advanced logistics management. The courses are well designed to enhance the analytical and critical thinking skills while covering the areas of quantitative analytics, smart logistics, research and statistics and related fields in response to Thailand’s need to enhance its competitiveness advantages in this area.


2 (2.1)

Research and courses requirements

Remedial courses

6-12 credits


Core courses

12 credits

Elective courses  (minimum)

6 credits


42 credits

Total not less than

60 credits

  • Remedial Courses (Non credit)

LC 6000

Advanced Reading and Writing in English for Graduate Studies

3 Credits

LC 4003

Advanced Integrated English Language Skill Development

3 Credits

Choose at least 6 credits (2 Courses) upon the consideration of the lecturer responsible for the curriculum.

LM 6701   

Data Analytics and Decision Models

3 Credits

LM 6901

Inventory Management Analytics

3 Credits

LM 6902

Smart Logistics

3 Credits

LM 6903   

Transportation and Network Analytics

3 Credits

LM 6904  

Supply Chain Analytics and Optimization

3 Credits

 Remark:  1. The condition on exemption in English courses is in accordance with the condition of the curriculum of English course for graduate students.

  1. The exemption in remedial courses of the school is in accordance with the announcement of the school / the institute.
  • Core Courses (12 credits)

LM 7950

Stochastics Process in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

3 Credits

LM 7951

Logistics Network Optimization

3 Credits

LM 7952 

Research Methodology and Statistics for Logistics Management 

3 Credits

LM 7953

Doctoral Seminar                                                                           

3 Credits


  • Elective Courses (6 credits)

LM  7901

Supply Chain Risk Management   

3 Credits

LM  7902

Advanced Project Management

3 Credits

LM  7903

Advanced Logistics Simulation

3 Credits

LM  7904

Advanced Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis

3 Credits

LM  7905

Advanced Revenue Management

3 Credits

LM  7906

Managing Big Data in Logistics Management

3 Credits

LM  7907

Applied Machine Learning in Logistics Management

3 Credits

LM  7908

Qualitative Research

3 Credits

LM  7909

Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Analytics

3 Credits

LM  7910

Advanced Production System Analytics

3 Credits

LM 7911

Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management


LM  7912

Directed Studies

3 Credits

Remark: - The Elective courses also include other graduate courses offered by the school or others in NIDA (To register for these courses, students must receive approvals from his/her advisor)

                        -  Elective courses opened in each semester will be selected by the school and the institute.

Director of Ph.D. in Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Assistant Professor Sarawut Jansuwan, Ph.D.

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Mr.Boonchana Mekto

  • Email :
  • Tel : 02-727-3038


National Institute of Development Administration.

148 Seri Thai Rd., Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240

Navamindradhiraj Building, 12nd floor

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