Organizational Structure

The Graduate School of Applied Statistics, National Institute of Development Administration is structurally divided into three main divisions as follows:

1. Academic work
2. Administrative work; and,
3. Planning and development work.
In addition, the Office of the Secretariat is the main body that supports the work of the School and divided into five units as follows:

1. Executive and general administrative group, subdivided into two units:

- Clerical and personnel unit.
- Buildings and vehicles unit.

2. Finance and supply group, subdivided into two teams:

- Finance and accounting unit.
- Supply unit.

3. Educational group, subdivided into two units:

- Enrollment and educational evaluation unit.
- Academic promotion and development unit.

4. Policy and planning group, subdivided into two units:

- Planning and workforce unit.
- Evaluation and administrative development system unit.

5. Computer services and operations group, subdivided into two units:

- Program development unit.
- Services and techniques unit.