Ph.D. in Computer Science & Information Systems (International Program)

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The School of Applied Statistics at National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) offers Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS). The objective of the program is to provide educational environment that encourages student to develop their ability to contribute to the advancement of the fields. Requirements for the program emphasize students’ ability to carry out independent research by synthesising non-trivial, original ideas; and communicating their research effectively through well-written dissertations and publications.


The program targets those students with research interests in topics generally associated with computer science and information systems. The area of concentration consists of artificail intelligence and machine learning, computer network and security,  multimedia and image processing, computer graphics and animation, database systems, information systems management, User Interface Design, information security management , knowledge management, software architecture, distributed and parallel computing, operating systems.


Students with superior qualifications who are interested in advancing their knowledge in computer science and information systems are invited to apply. The program combines course work with research work led by researchers in their areas of expertise.


  1. Computer Science
  2. Information Systems

(1) Remedial Courses (Non credit)

LC 6000 Advanced Reading and Writing in English for Graduate Studies3 Credits

LC 4003 Advanced Integrated English Language Skill Development 3 Credits

CI 4009 Research Methods in Computer Science and Information Systems 3 Credits

Note : - Students can be exempted from taking these remedial courses based on NIDA’s

and the school’s education regulation.

(2) Core Courses (6 credits for Plan 2 (2.1) students)

CI 7901 Advanced Database 3 Credits

CI 8901 Seminar in Advanced Topics in Computer Science and 3 Credits

Information Systems

(3) Major Courses (6 credits for Plan 2 (2.1) students)

Major in Computer Science

CI 7902 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 Credits

CI 7903 Advanced Computer Architectures 3 Credits

Major in Information Systems

CI 7904 Management for Information Systems 3 Credits

CI 7905 Information System Assessment 3 Credits

(4) Elective Courses (6 credits for Plan 2 (2.1) students)

CI 7906 Advanced Computer Networks 3 credits

CI 7907 Artificial Intelligence 3 Credits

CI 7908 Machine Learning 3 Credits

CI 7909 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3 Credits

CI 7910 Deep Learning 3 Credits

CI 7911 Cognitive Systems 3 Credits

CI 7912 Intelligent Robotics 3 Credits

CI 7913 Big Data Analytics 3 Credits

CI 7914 Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics 3 Credits

CI 7915 Image Analytics 3 Credits

CI 7916 Cloud Computing 3 Credits

CI 7917 Blockchain: Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications 3 Credits

CI 7918 Internet of Things 3 Credits

CI 7919 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 3 Credits

CI 7920 Computer Graphics and Animation 3 Credits

CI 7921 Computer Vision 3 Credits

CI 7922 Wireless and Mobile Communications 3 Credits

CI 7923 Parallel Computing 3 Credits

CI 7924 Compiler Construction 3 Credits

CI 7925 Combinatorics and Graph Theory 3 Credits

CI 7926 Theory of Computation 3 Credits

CI 7927 Cryptography 3 Credits

CI 7928 Information Systems Auditing 3 Credits

CI 7929 Software Design and Architectures 3 Credits

CI 7930 Digital Transformation 3 Credits

CI 7931 Agile Information Systems Development 3 Credits

CI 7932 Information Systems Performance Measurement 3 Credits

CI 7933 Cyber Security and Information Security Management 3 Credits

CI 7934 Information Security Risk Management 3 Credits

CI 7935 Human Computer Interaction Management 3 Credits

CI 7936 Software Testing 3 Credits

CI 8902 Readings in Computer Science and Information Systems 3 Credits

CI 8903-8910 Selected Topics in Computer Science and Information Systems

3 Credits

CI 9000 Independent Study 3 Credits

Remark :

- The Elective courses also include other graduate courses offered by the school or others in

NIDA (To register for these courses, students must receive approvals from his/her advisor)

- Elective courses opened in each semester will be selected by the school and the institute.

(5) Dissertation

CI 9900 Dissertation 36, 48 Credits

Director of Ph.D. in 
Computer Science & Information Systems

Associate Professor Ohm Sornil, Ph.D.

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Mr.Boonchana Mekto

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  • Tel : 02-727-3038


National Institute of Development Administration.

148 Seri Thai Rd., Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240

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