Doctor of Philosophy Program in Applied Statistics (International Program)


The Ph.D. program in Applied Statistics emphasizes the theory of Statistics as well as its application to certain academic disciplines, across science and social science. It provides training to prepare graduate students for both academic and professional careers in the rapid growing fields of statistics and data analytics. This flexible and research intensive program is designed to serve a broad range of statistics/quantitative-driven fields, from academia to research based business, industrial, and governmental settings.

The best choice of a field in which to pursue depends on a student’s background and major interest. Prospective students should consult the director/coordinator of Doctoral Program in Applied Statistics for details related to the field of study.

All the faculties are deeply committed to teaching and research qualities. They have published articles in academic journal, both locally and internationally. In addition, the School of Applied Statistics has a reputation for outstanding consulting services. Its members have worked and consulted for a wide range of organizations.

Why an Applied Statistics Ph.D. at NIDA? 

This program is the first graduate program in applied statistics in Thailand. Therefore, it is taught by highly qualified professors with high experiences in applied statistics. Moreover, students will have a good opportunity to work closely with faculty members in small classes, seminars, research projects, and other activities, aimed to develop analytical skills and competencies to conduct independent quality research. Last but not least, the program is able to draw on the extensive computer/technology-related expertise of faculty, since it is housed in the same school with the program in Computer Science and Information Systems.


  1. Statistics
  2. Quantitative Risk Management
  3. Business Analytics and Research
  4. Operations Research
  5. Population and Development
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