Master of Science Program in Business Analytics and Data Science (BADS)

The advent and advancement of information technology bring the current world into big data era such that data are high in their variety, volume, and velocity. Such rapid changes intensify the need to pre-process, process, and analyze big data into information and intelligence and then ultimately convert information and intelligence into competitive advantage and actionable plans which eventually contribute social, economic, and national development in a long-run.

Especially, Thailand has confronted middle income trap that hinder our national development. Hence, we strongly need to transform data into information and intelligence as a part of value creation process to build up competitive advantage such that we can create knowledge-based economy and leave away from the labour-intensive or capital intensive economy.

Integration between multidiscliplinary and technology fusion in the current world leads to social and economic innovation. Such changes make it harder for graduates who acquire solely acquired knowledge in any single discipline to compete and succeed. This curriculum has been improved by harmonizing and integrating between several disciplines to align with frontier of knowledge and state-of-the art practices.

Master of Sciecne in Business Analytics and Data Science (BADS) is the fusion of the two programs; Business Analytics and Intelligence (BA&I) and Data Science (DS), a major of the program Master of Science in 1) Applied Statistics and 2) Computer Science and Information Systems. The program has been updated to the demand of labor market and the rapid change of globalization. In addition, the fusion of teaching resources and staffs will lead to cross-field collaboration, integration of knowledge, and promotion of multidisciplinary research. The Master program of Business Analytics and Data Science consists of three majors namely 1) Business Analytics and Intelligence, 2) Data Science and 3) Health and Bioinformatics. For Doctorate program, there is only major in Business Analytics and Data Science.

This curriculum aims at developing Master graduate with 21st century skills with strong research and statistical methodology and skills, machine learning, Big data, information technology skills, and inquiry skills so that they can apply, analyze, solve, and provide better solutions for business, finance, insurance, logistics, industry, society, economic, and national problems to achieve sustainable development. Moreover, the fields of Business Analyst and Data Scientist are highly on demand in present labor market especially in private sector. Even in public sector, these fields are in attention.

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