Master of Science Program in Information Technology Management

Course Objectives

Information technology plays an important role in business operations of both governmental and private sector. At present, many organizations invest hugely in information technology in order to enhance operational performance according to their missions and increase competitiveness of the organization. The personnel with technological knowledge and business ability is needed to make information technology management worth investment and compliant with smooth business processes. This major aims to provide information technology know-how and other relevant knowledge to those who will determine the direction of information technology according to the organizational needs, manage information technology investment in accordance with the financial status of the organization, and carry out personnel development planning to ensure readiness for information technology and effective information technology utilization. Therefore, information technology management graduates need to have business analytical ability to determine the appropriate information technology, communication competency, and capability to establish policy and drive the use of information technology for the maximum benefit of the organization.

Expected Learning Outcome

ELO1 Team Leadership: Exhibit skills in communication, leadership, and problem solving in a team environment.
ELO2 Technical Research Skill: Demonstrate competent research skills, and ability to use the research techniques required in the IT industries.
ELO3 Lifelong Learning: Participate in lifelong learning, and keep up-to-date with knowledge of emerging technologies.
ELO4 Applying IT: Apply effective and ethical utilization of IT know-how and technical tools in practical organizational situations.
ELO5 Need Assessment: Analyze and evaluate problems and develop appropriate IT solutions for an organization.
ELO6 Executing strategic with IT: Design and implement IT strategic and tactical plans that integrate and apply all the core areas of IT and business management


The program has an objective to develop personnel to answer the need of society and in accordance with the nation development model Thailand 4.0 of the government which focuses on bringing information technology and innovation to help move the modern economy and society. The remarkable feature of the curriculum is it is the combination of the main knowledge of two branches which are administration and information technology. Students will get to learn and train in administering in main functional areas of a business along with knowledge and skill in information technology.


The program’s philosophy is focused upon the following four pillars: (1) Multidisciplinary knowledge on the science of information technology & business management – we strive to blend and incorporate both  theoretical and practical approaches to both  IT and business, with aims to produce postgraduates who are well equipped with the strong sense of leadership, morality, ethics, attitude, and inspiration geared towards self-learning that meet international standards, combining the entrepreneurial skills with creativity and innovation. (2) IT certified professional – the program is dedicated to preparing students for success and career achievement by becoming an IT certified professional upon the completion of our proffered master’s degree. (3) Experiential education – our program’s main pedagogy is placed upon the value of experiential learning. The pragmatic project-based learning and blended learning is at the heart of our program. (4) Meaningful connections – with relationship development at the core our teaching philosophy, the program encourages students to appreciate the value of social contribution and connectivity through establishing and sustaining strong connections and affiliations with peers, alumni, faculty, the institution, and the society at large.

Study Plan

Plan A: Courses 27 credits and thesis 12 credits (total of 39 credits) — Research Track

Plan B: Courses 34 credits and independent study 3 credits (total of 39 credits) — Course Work & IS track

Career Opportunity

Career path for graduates are positions in IT program manager, all levels of information technology administration, information technology policy and strategy setter, information technology independent entrepreneur as well as business and information technology system analyzer and designer.