Master of Science Program in Information Technology Management

Course Objectives

Information technology plays an important role in business operations of both governmental and private sector. At present, many organizations invest hugely in information technology in order to enhance operational performance according to their missions and increase competitiveness of the organization. The personnel with technological knowledge and business ability is needed to make information technology management worth investment and compliant with smooth business processes. This major aims to provide information technology know-how and other relevant knowledge to those who will determine the direction of information technology according to the organizational needs, manage information technology investment in accordance with the financial status of the organization, and carry out personnel development planning to ensure readiness for information technology and effective information technology utilization. Therefore, information technology management graduates need to have business analytical ability to determine the appropriate information technology, communication competency, and capability to establish policy and drive the use of information technology for the maximum benefit of the organization.

Job Opportunity

Career path and related jobs:

  • Information technology project manager
  • Information technology executives at all levels
  • Information technology governance and risk management specialist
  • Information technology policy maker
  • Independent entrepreneurs in information technology