Master of Science Program in Computer Science and Information Systems  (CSIS)

Computers and information systems have become an integral part of effective and efficient organizational management. Current business environment drives organizations to quickly and accurately respond to changes. Data and information are crucial for making decision and responding to business changes. As most organizations have placed an importance on learning and knowledge seeking, effective information systems development will help enhance knowledge acquisition within and outside the organizations, knowledge collection, and knowledge utilization in organizations. The computer systems and knowledge development can contribute to organizational problem solving and operations, which leads to higher operating performance. Information technology needs to be designed and developed according to organizational strategy in order to achieve excellent performance and competitive advantage. However, the work processes have to be appropriately revised before the design and development of information systems and the selection of computer technology.

Job Opportunity

  • Lecturer/researcher
  • System engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Database manager/designer
  • Software developer
  • Software engineer
  • Technical support officer
  • Innovator in business and industrial computer
  • Information technology executive
  • Information systems project manager
  • Information technology officer
  • Computer and information technology researcher
  • Computer and information systems designer and analyst
  • Computer and information systems auditor
  • Computer and information systems tester
  • Computer systems, computer network, database systems, and information systems administrators
  • Risk management and information security specialists
  • Programmer, computer systems developer, information systems developer, and information technology developer
  • Professional in the organizations applying information technology
  • Game developer
  • Multimedia developer
  • etc.
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